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Cervical spondylosis is caused by degeneration of bones, discs – cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck. This condition is usually found in middle aged people and elderly. It is a wear and tear disease. Neck pain, stiffness, headache, numbness, etc. This is one of the diseases wherein Ayurvedic treatment has very good promise. In Ayurveda, a condition called Greeva graham is explained. – a condition with cardinal feature of stiffness of the neck is explained and it exactly suits with Cervical spondyslosis. Greeva means neck and Graha refers to stiffness. It is explained as a Vata condition. Increase in Vata leads to depletion of body tissues. (For example, with ageing, Vata increases and body tissues start degenerating.) The dryness and degeneration caused by Vata leads to decrease of Kapha Dosha. Sleshaka Kapha is responsible for cushioning in between bone joints. Hence disc degeneration sets in leading to spondylosis. Causative factors for Greevagraha (Cervical spondylosis) : Food habits that increase Vata Dosha – Intake of dry, cold/ frozen and light food Fasting for long period – leads to depleted nourishment and increase of Vata Dosha. Untimely intake of food Junk food, Sodas Less intake of water/liquids Excess intake of curried food etc Viharaja (Bad Habits)- Night awakening Day sleep Heavy exercise Suppression of the urges Weight bearing in the head, shoulder or neck Walking for long distances Bike riding for long distances. Manasika Hetu (Psychological factors )- Stress, Grief, Anger, Fear, Loss of interest in work etc Clinical features of Greevagraha (Cervical spondylosis) : Pain in the neck Difficulty in the usual functions of the neck like rotation, flexion, extension etc Radiating pain to the shoulder, forearm or arm Muscular spasm Numbness Joint stiffness Fatigue Headache Tingling sensation, numbness, weakness in the arms Difficulty in walking, lack of co-ordination Line of Treatment in Greevagraha (Cervical spondylosis) : Snehana (Oleation): Both internal and external oleation are beneficial. Swedana (Sudation): Mild to moderate sudation can be carried. Mridu shodhana (Mild purgation) – with Castor oil mixed with milk. For More Details Contact:- Ayurveda Healing Tree 7814002233
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